This day in baseball: Challenging the reserve clause

On December 29, 1969, the New York Times reported that Curt Flood planned to challenge the reserve clause by suing Major League Baseball.  According to the Times:

A major attack on the reserve clause, a feature of baseball contracts that binds a player to his original team and makes trades possible, is being mounted by Curt Flood, with Arthur Goldberg, a former United States Supreme Court Justice, as his counsel.

The case made its way to the Supreme Court, which ruled in favor of Major League Baseball, but the Court’s decision left open the possibility for closer examination and further challenges. The reserve clause was finally struck down in 1975.

Curt Flood (public domain)

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  1. That HBO special, Curious Case of Curt Flood left me floored, all the way in the basement library stacks scrounging for more. I had no idea about his personal journey and all the wild manifestations of his anxiety caused by being in the spotlight I guess?

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