The evolution of Major League Baseball logos

This GIF by Yahoo Sports’ Eric Orvieto shows the evolution of MLB logos.  It’s fascinating to see, all in one go, how logos have changed over time, and how they all seem to mimic each other as they’ve evolved.



3 thoughts on “The evolution of Major League Baseball logos

  1. Very cool. You can save me a trip to Google if you can explain why the A’s used an elephant as their mascot in the early years…?

    1. Back in the 1905 period, John McGraw, who liked Connie Mack, told anyone who’d listen that Mack, by taking on an American League team, had bought a “white elephant” (that’s an old term to denote buying something that wasn’t worth the money). Mack, who had a sense of humor (unlike McGraw) started putting a white elephant emblem on the team uniforms. It was a hit.

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