Infographic: Do Promotional Items Work?

This is more of a business-geared infographic, but it very much applies to baseball.  I confess there have been times when the primary reason I’ve decided to go to a ballgame was due to the freebie being offered to the first 10,000 fans (or whatever the limit is for that night).  I have more than one Royals shirt that I received from going to a T-Shirt Tuesday game.  I think it’s safe to say that we don’t need a study to tell us promotional items rarely fail to lure folks in.


4 thoughts on “Infographic: Do Promotional Items Work?

  1. I have heard that, as a tribute to the city’s famous stockyards, that “Abattoir Night” is a big draw at Guaranteed Rate Field on Chicago’s South Side, though that probably says more about White Sox Fan than it does the promotion.

    1. Wow, so I had know idea what “abattoir” meant, so I looked it up… and that’s more than a little disturbing… O.O

      But fascinating all the same! Thanks for the tidbit

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