Infographic: How baseball games end

This infographic is based on data from the 2011 MLB season.  Not surprisingly, the vast majority of games end on a defensive play, which is what makes walk-offs so exciting.  It’s fascinating to see the numbers broken down like this.



2 thoughts on “Infographic: How baseball games end

  1. I was at a college game that ended on a walk-off balk, and I didn’t see, and no one around me saw, what the umpire saw. So we all just sat there, stupid, wondering what happened. Balks happen a lot in college, but still, that “balk-off” was one of the oddest things I’ve seen.

    1. One summer, my brother was playing in a rec league, and they had a game that ended the same way! The bases were loaded, and suddenly a balk was called against the opposing pitcher. My brother’s team won, but it was just the craziest thing. This was a field of like 13- and 14-year-olds. I guess it would be a weird way to end a game at any level.

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