This day in baseball: Joe Niekro’s home run

On May 29, 1976, Joe Niekro hit the only home run of his big league career, and he hit it off his older brother, Phil. Joe Niekro had a total of 973 at-bats in his career, and his one round-tripper contributed to a 4-3 win for the Astros over the Braves.

Joe_Niekro_-_Houston_Astros_-_1976 - Wikipedia

Joe Niekro in 1976 (Wikipedia)

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  1. Steve Myers says:

    his older brother teaches him how to throw the knuckler and that’s how he says thank you.

  2. wkkortas says:

    Knuckler, shmuckler–Phil had to go up and in on him later, right?

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