Cleveland Guardians

Yesterday, the Cleveland Indians announced their new, much-anticipated team name, which will become effective at the conclusion of the 2021 season. Starting next season, the Cleveland baseball team will be known as the Cleveland Guardians.

While I wholeheartedly agree that a name change is necessary, I confess, I was initially torn about the new name. My initial reaction to the announcement was along the lines of, “Ew… what?” I thought, surely, they could have found something better than that.

But the more I think about it, the more the name grows on me. I cannot think of any other team in any sport, baseball or otherwise, who call themselves the Guardians. Plus, Guardians of the Galaxy is a kickass movie, and I would love to see Cleveland do a Star-Lord theme night (or a Groot theme night!).

I am curious what the new mascot is going to look like. That is just one of many details that the team will have to figure out in the months ahead, for sure. In the meantime, the new logo does look pretty slick.

Cleveland Guardians logo

Cleveland Guardians

11 thoughts on “Cleveland Guardians

  1. i was thinking they were going to give them the name they used to be called which i didn’t know so i looked it up on wikipedia and it was the Naps which sounded kind of weird. Wiki said Naps was named after cleveland player Nap Lajoie. i can’t remember a team being named after a player? What praise!

    i don’t mind the name Guardians and i’m glad you mentioned Guardians of the Galaxy. i never seen it, but will now.

    1. I was kind of hoping they’d go back to the Cleveland Spiders, which seems cool on a hypothetical level. But upon further reflection, I imagine that mascot would scare fans away from the stadium, so bad for business.

  2. Don’t mind the name (a lot of baseball team names are just so-so) but I agree the logo is awful.
    Me? I remember when the river caught on fire, so I was rooting for “River Fires.” Oh, well, blew it again.

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