This day in baseball: Ten-cent beer night

On 4 June 1974, it was ten-cent beer night at Cleveland Stadium as the Indians took on the Texas Rangers.  As the game progressed, Indians fans grew increasingly inebriated, resulting in a riot during the ninth inning of play.  As a result of the crowd’s unruly behavior, the game was interrupted and could not be resumed in a timely manner.  Home plate umpire Nestor Chylak stopped the game, which was tied at five runs a piece, and pronounced a forfeit by the Indians, thus declaring the Rangers victorious.

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  1. vimeo took the video down. i hate copyright rules. anyway, that musta been at municipal stadium beside lake erie and it was eerie. what a mammoth place. i think it seated like 80,000 and the indians were usually near the bottom of the al east back then with few fans except that lone bongo drummer who was always in center field pounding away.

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