This day in baseball: Invisible hosts in Cleveland

There is a good reason why Major League Baseball today makes every effort to ensure that every team be properly represented at the All-Star Game.

On 9 July 1963, the Midsummer Classic was held at Cleveland Municipal Stadium, home of the Indians.  Unfortunately for Cleveland’s baseball fans, however, no players from the Indians took part in the contest as the American League lost 5-3.  The only member of the Tribe to even make the roster was pitcher Jim “Mudcat” Grant, who never made an appearance in the game.  Perhaps it comes as no surprise, then, that attendance at the exhibition was a mere 44,160 fans.

What was surprising was that the American League outhit the National League 11-6.  Evidently, the AL couldn’t capitalize and a lot of those base runners were left stranded.

Mudcat Grant (Photo source: Baseball-Almanac)

One Comment on “This day in baseball: Invisible hosts in Cleveland”

  1. steve says:

    it’s a questionable proper in my opinion since it’s about world series home field advantage now.

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