“Talkin’ Baseball” (Philadelphia Phillies version), by Terry Cashman

And now for the Phillies version of “Talkin’ Baseball.”  This was the only video I could find that featured this version of the song.  As a bonus for Phillies fans, it is coupled with “Goin’ Back to Philadelphia, PA,” by Bobby Burnett.  Enjoy!

Once again, all “Talkin’ Baseball” videos may be found here.

2 Comments on ““Talkin’ Baseball” (Philadelphia Phillies version), by Terry Cashman”

  1. Mayfair Magee says:

    The video images are all contemporary players, totally incompatible with the lyrics referencing the Whiz Kids and the ’80 Champs. No attempt was made to marry the images to the lyrics.

    • Thank you for the insight. I did not make the video (I’m really more concerned with the song itself than with the images), but if the creator ever stumbles across this, I’m sure that he/she will appreciate the feedback. In their defense, they did title the video “2009 Phillies,” which makes me think that the music was merely intended to be a backdrop to the images.

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