“Talkin’ Baseball” (New York Mets version), by Terry Cashman

I have to confess, it is getting a bit more difficult to find these videos the more teams I cross off the list.  But I’ll keep it going, and maybe eventually, I’ll find them all!  Today’s installment: the New York Mets.  Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on ““Talkin’ Baseball” (New York Mets version), by Terry Cashman

  1. Can you find the original version as this is not it. The first two versus, I believe, are correct but the third versus changes in the middle, the one that starts with “Good bye America”. There was no mention of Carter and Hernandez in the mix. After “McGraw he never stopped believin'”, it finishes with “And that’s the way a race is often run… and pennant flags are won”.

    The final versus is “We long to see them rushing, to the stadium in Flushing, Joe’s (Joe Torre) gone south and Bambi (George Bamberger) got the call. New names join the team, to start another dream. Is this the year cause (George) Foster’s here, well let’s play ball.”

    I don’t remember all of the names here bt I could come up with most of them. I was hoping to find the original verson but I can seem to find it and just wondering if you have any knowledge of this.

    1. No, unfortunately I’m not aware of one. I honestly didn’t realize there was an earlier version, so I really appreciate the heads up! I did some additional poking around when I read your comment, but I cannot find it either.

      I’ll definitely keep an eye out, and if I ever do come across the original Mets version, then I will try to come back here to note it.

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