This day in baseball: The first DH

On April 6, 1973 at Boston’s Fenway Park, New York Yankee Ron Blomberg became Major League history’s first designated hitter.  In his first at-bat, Blomberg drew a bases-loaded walk off Luis Tiant in the first inning.  In the third inning, Blomberg connected with a single for the first ever hit by a DH.  His efforts would not prove sufficient, however, as the Red Sox pummeled the Yankees, 15-5.

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2 thoughts on “This day in baseball: The first DH

  1. I enjoyed a wonderful brain freeze Friday night. I’m watching the Brewers against the Red Sox wondering how Braun and Shaefer are both in the lineup since they’re both right fielders. I guess Braun could go back to left field or Shaefer could play center, but Gomez was already in center and Khris Davis was in left. Yep, I forgot about the DH and was pleasantly surprised. I’m a big fan of the DH.

    1. I am too. I know there are purists who stand absolutely opposed to it, but I think it adds to the strategy involved in creating a team and creating a lineup. And I like how it factors into interleague play. Managers have to be able to think outside the box one way or the other.

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