This day in baseball: First Sunday game

The first legal, professional Sunday baseball game in Philadelphia featured a matchup between the Phillies and the A’s on April 8, 1934.  15,000 fans looked on as the Phillies won 8-1 at Shibe Park in Philadelphia.  Up until this point, blue laws in Pennsylvania deemed Sunday games illegal, as Sunday was intended as a day of worship and rest.

6 Comments on “This day in baseball: First Sunday game”

  1. steve says:

    I wonder if those rooftops beyond right field could see into the park? What a place to be a kid!

    • I didn’t even notice that before, but you’re right. I would have loved to live there!

      • steve says:

        I wonder if an Anne Frank spirit lived there and wrote it all down sort of like Doris Goodwin’s “Wait till Next Year Memoir.” I’m gonna do a little Shibe Park search. If I find anything, I”l let you know.

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