This day in baseball: Catfish signs with KC

After he lost his pinky toe in a hunting accident, several teams gave up on the race to sign North Carolina high school pitcher Jim Hunter.  The Kansas City Athletics, however, signed Hunter for $75,000 on June 8, 1964.  Club owner Charlie O. Finley gave him the nickname “Catfish” because he felt the nineteen-year-old needed a flashy nickname.  He went on to become a member of five World Series championship teams and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1987.

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      1. You’ve given me a great idea for later today! It will have to be a back porch overlooking a shopping mall parking lot, but there’s a clothes line and a big tree and the wind so with a few tilts of my head and eye squints and that song, the Bayou it will be.

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