This day in baseball: Master thief

On June 28, 1910, Chicago Cubs shortstop Joe Tinker stole home plate twice, en route to an 11-1 victory over the Cincinnati Reds.  This made Tinker the first Major Leaguer to accomplish the feat, which has been accomplished less than a dozen times total in Major League history.  Tinker went on to be elected into the Hall of Fame in 1946.

Chicago History Museum

2 thoughts on “This day in baseball: Master thief

  1. I wonder if Aramis Ramirez read this. He stole two bases Sunday, not home, but I don’t think he’d ever done that before.

    1. Stealing two bases in one game is no easy feat, even if it isn’t home plate. Home plate by itself is impressive — twice in one game seems almost otherworldly.

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