Infographic: Advertising and Baseball

Sports and advertising have been thrown together pretty much since the beginning.  Here’s an infographic depicting a brief history of the relationship between baseball and advertising.  Click on the image for a larger view.

Acxiom Perspectives
Acxiom Perspectives

4 thoughts on “Infographic: Advertising and Baseball

  1. 2024 – so many ads on the “scoreboards,” playing field, jerseys, caps, all stadium surfaces, and of course the TV screen, that we forget that there is game out on the field.

  2. At least they haven’t put ads on the uniforms yet but I keep waiting. BTW I don’t count the uniform maker’s logo as an ad (maybe I should).

    1. I count them as ads, but not necessarily in the same way as I do other ads at the ballpark. Clothing manufacturers put the logos on things even when they are not for professional athletes, so I feel like it’s to be expected.

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