Infographic: MLB’s greatest pitchers

This infographic was published in January 2013, depicting some of the best pitchers in the history of the game, as well as making some predictions as to the game’s up-and-comers.  I especially enjoy the two sections at the end, mapping pitchers by what I assume is their country of origin, as well as the list of the fastest pitchers.  Click on the image below for a link to a larger version


2 thoughts on “Infographic: MLB’s greatest pitchers

  1. Fun poster. The top half is incontrovertible. The “up and comers” portion shows us how things have changed. It seems almost impossible to imagine any of the many young star pitchers lasting long enough to match the game’s legends. It seems that Tommy John surgery is a right of passage. Two kinds of pitchers these days – those that have had TJ surgery and those that will.

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