This day in baseball: The mysterious Mr. Lewis

On July 12, 1890, a player known only as Mr. Lewis appeared in his only Major League game.  In his Players’ League debut, Lewis gave up 13 hits, seven walks, and allowed 20 earned runs over three innings.  The Buffalo Bisons lost the game 28-16 to the Brooklyn Ward’s Wonders at Eastern Park.

Eastern Park in Brooklyn (Wikimedia Commons)
Eastern Park in Brooklyn (Wikimedia Commons)

12 thoughts on “This day in baseball: The mysterious Mr. Lewis

  1. I’m so glad yo posted this. July 12 is my birthday and for so many years, I always walked around content knowing that it was also Mario Soto’s birthday. From here on out, I will also be thinking of Mr. Lewis!

    1. Happy belated birthday! And knowing that now, I’m glad I found this. It would be cool to have that kind of connection to one of history’s mystery ballplayers.

          1. Not necessarily the birthday. I went swimming yesterday. It was a good day, but other days are lower then others and on those days I like having get out of jail free thoughts.

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