This day in baseball: Unanimous Cy Young winner

On November 12, 1986, Roger Clemens of the Red Sox became only the second American League pitcher to unanimously win the Cy Young Award.  Clemens had posted a 24-4 record, with an ERA of 2.48 for the season. The first AL pitcher to win the Cy Young by unanimous vote was Denny McLain in 1968.

Roger Clemens, 1986 (Boston Red Sox Photo Cards/public domain)

5 thoughts on “This day in baseball: Unanimous Cy Young winner

  1. The great old days of Clemens before he became a bit of monster. When they elected him into the Red Sox HOF, it seemed like Jerry Remy in the booth was in a big hurry to get him out of there and they did, in like 5 or 10 minutes. The swiftness really stuck out because the next two visitors and Red Sox HOF inductees- Garciaparra and Pedro they kept around for close to 30 minutes. Such a sad ending to Clemen’s career, but whatever, he was great in those Red Sox years…maybe the best ever, at least to watch on TV.

      1. It’s from August 14, 2014. The Astros were visiting Fenway, kind of a great in itself. Throw in the HOF ceremony and Shazam! Do you have a subscription to I think archive games can be viewed? Unfortunately, I don’t have the technology or know how to extract a segment from the game and upload it to you tube, but i may be able ot record the audio on a stand alone recorder and then upload that. I’ll give it a try. On a side note, the you tube uploader – ClassicMLB11 is prolific in terms of quantity uploaded. You may enjoy browsing through his extensive channel.

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