Tony Gwynn’s Hall of Fame induction speech

We lived in southern California about the time I started becoming interested in sports.  My older brother always had sports on the TV, which meant a steady stream of Padres, Chargers, and Lakers games playing in the background of my childhood.  And though we moved to Kansas City right as I became old enough to start rooting for a baseball team on my own, one of the first Major League Baseball players I ever became aware of was Tony Gwynn.  I’d say he qualifies as a good introduction to the professional game.


5 Comments on “Tony Gwynn’s Hall of Fame induction speech”

  1. mrbill7474 says:

    Tony Gwynn was a class act.

  2. Steve Myers says:

    I want to share with you a video I made with the help of some pictures I took from a Ted Williams book, my baseball card collection and wikipedia. The audio is from an interview I taped off a Canadian TV Sports station. Gwynn was so incredible, especially because he didn’t walk that much and still got all those hits.

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