This day in baseball: Bye, bye baseball

On August 8, 1903, as Dodgers infielders argued a close call at the bag at third base, Joe McGinnity of New York dashed home and was credited with a steal of home plate.  Brooklyn pitcher Henry Schmidt was so upset about the steal that he turned and threw the baseball out of the ballpark.  His actions resulted in Schmidt being tossed from the game, and the Dodgers lost 4-3.

Henry Schmidt (Wikipedia)

2 thoughts on “This day in baseball: Bye, bye baseball

  1. One of the advantages (?) of being a Dodgers fan is that you get to follow a team that finds absolutely unique ways to lose a game. Fun story.

    1. A good friend of mine is a White Sox fan, and not too long ago, she complained that I seem to be poking fun at her indirectly since there are so many stories about the Sox that aren’t always so flattering. I replied that actually, I’m kinda jealous. I love rooting for the Royals, but as they are a (relatively) newer team, they don’t have as rich a history as teams like the White Sox or the Dodgers.

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