This day in baseball: Bigbee’s at-bat record

On August 22, 1917, Pirates’ outfielder Carson Bigbee set a major league record with eleven at-bats in a single game as the Pirates and Dodgers squared off for twenty-two innings.  It is a record that has since been tied by thirteen others, but never broken.


Carson Bigbee as a member of the Tacoma Tigers, 1916 (The Sporting News)

4 Comments on “This day in baseball: Bigbee’s at-bat record”

  1. Curiosity got me and I had to look it up … he went 6-for-11 that day. All singles, two RBI. The Pirates lost anyway 6-5. But, have a day, Carson Bigbee! 🙂

  2. verdun2 says:

    There are guys who don’t get 11 at bats in a career (or six hits either). Way to go, Carson.

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