This day in baseball: Marquard’s streak ends

Left-handed pitcher Rube Marquard of the Giants won 19 decisions in a row to start the 1912 season.  This tied a single-season mark set by Tim Keefe in 1888 and remains a record that stands to this day.    Marquard’s first loss of the season came on July 8th, when the Cubs defeated New York, 7-2.  Marquard went on to win a total of 26 decisions for the season, helping the Giants on their way to winning the NL pennant.


Rube Marquard, 1912 (Library of Congress)

2 Comments on “This day in baseball: Marquard’s streak ends”

  1. verdun2 says:

    It’s funny how you remember strange things when someone posts something like this post. I recalled that Carl Hubbell had done something similar, so I looked it up. In 1936 he won his last 16 in a row, then won the first 8 the next year for a total of 24 wins without a loss (but over 2 seasons). Never been a fan of the Giants, but they do get good pitching sometimes.

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