This day in baseball: Horton’s walk-off blast

In the bottom of the 12th inning on July 28, 1967, Tony Horton hit a walk-off homer to break up a scoreless pitching duel between Indians pitcher Steve Hargan and Orioles’ right-hander Moe Drabowsky.  Drabowsky had allowed only six hits in the extra-inning contest at Cleveland Stadium.  Horton’s dinger helped the Indians to break a five-game losing streak.


Horton with the Red Sox in 1966 (Public Domain)

One Comment on “This day in baseball: Horton’s walk-off blast”

  1. Moe Drabowsky is one of my husband’s favorite players for 4 reasons (and I’m quoting): 1) “he was fun,” 2) “he shmooshed the Dodgers in the ’66 World Series at a critical moment,” 3) “his name was Moe, how cool is that!” and 4) “he would use the bullpen phone to order carryout.”

    So, out of respect, I can’t “like” a post about a bad “Moe-day”. 🙂

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