This day in baseball: Maris’s free passes

In a game against the Angels on May 22, 1962, Yankees slugger Roger Maris set a Major League record by drawing four intentional walks.  Each walk was granted to Maris by a different Angels pitcher as the Yankees won 2-1 in twelve innings at Yankee Stadium.

I can’t say I blame the Angels.  This was, after all, the season immediately following Maris’s success in breaking Babe Ruth’s single-season home run record.

Source: New York Times

2 thoughts on “This day in baseball: Maris’s free passes

  1. Very cool statistic. Apparently, Maris didn’t hit in front of Mantle on that day in 1962. One of my favorite trivia questions is “In his 61 HR season, how many times was Roger Maris intentionally walked?” the answer is ZERO, because no one would walk Maris to get to Mantle. Speaks volumes about the importance of having a good hitter behind you in the lineup.

    1. you ask a great trivia question and then don’t give us more than 4 seconds to come up with an answer, but seriously, i mighta guessed zero thinking it was a trick question.

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