This day in baseball: Brett’s last day at .400

In 1980, Royals third baseman George Brett made a strong run at finishing with a batting average above .400 for the season, an accomplishment last achieved by Ted Williams in 1941.  The last day of the season in which Brett’s average stayed above .400, however, came on September 19th, when he went 2-for-4 against the A’s in Kansas City.  What followed was a 4-for-27 slump, from which Brett could not rebound in time.  He finished the season hitting .390 and won the American League MVP award.

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2 Comments on “This day in baseball: Brett’s last day at .400”

  1. steve says:

    the photo is from county stadium milwaukee ithink. it`s gotta be . it has to be. that was a great year. nothing really mattered but brett hitting .400. come to think of it, nothing`s changed except the brett 400 chase is replaced by soemthing else. maybe the indians kicking the rangers out.

    • It’s so great how, when you know a stadium so well, you find you can recognize it just from seeing a small part of it in the background of a photo. I’ve found myself doing the same with Kauffman Stadium.

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