This day in baseball: Blindsided bird

What’s it like to get hit by a 95-MPH fastball?  It’s bad news for a ballplayer, but even worse news if you’re a bird.  On March 24, 2001, in an exhibition game against the San Francisco Giants, Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Randy Johnson threw a fastball that hit a dove flying in front of home plate.  The bird died instantly, appearing to explode into a firework of feathers, never knowing what hit it.

4 Comments on “This day in baseball: Blindsided bird”

  1. tvkapherr says:

    THAT was truly grizzly! Funny how growing up, standing at the plate, it never occurs to you that this could be dangerous. 😀 I used to play catcher (strictly amateur level, city leagues) and have broken my fair share of fingers, but batting I was lucky enough to never catch one above the shoulder.

    • It has been forever since I have played in any kind of a league, and I really miss it! I agree, you never think about how dangerous the sport is until you see something like this or the Chapman line drive just this spring. It’s a small, hard ball moving at very high speeds.

  2. mrbill7474 says:

    That pitch was definitely fowled off.

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