“Talkin’ Baseball” (Montreal Expos version), by Terry Cashman

Just because they no longer exist in Major League Baseball, it doesn’t mean the Montreal Expos didn’t get a song of their own.  Maybe one day, Canada will pick up a second team once again.  In the meantime, we can reminisce with this version of Terry Cashman’s “Talkin’ Baseball.”

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5 thoughts on ““Talkin’ Baseball” (Montreal Expos version), by Terry Cashman

    1. I do feel bad for Montreal baseball fans over losing their team. I’ve heard whispers here and there that there is a possibility that a new team may make their home there, but I have no idea how valid these rumors are.

      1. Thanks. The problem is The Olympic stadium was a horrible venue for baseball. Even with 25,000 people in the stands it felt empty. Also it’s falling apart. If we get another team it means a new ball park. I grew up at the original Jarry Park. It was cramped, uncomfortable, noisy. But if you sat in the back row, you still felt you were right on the field. We loved it! 🙂

  1. I like the scratchy sound and bumps and warps of the vinyl. It was great to be at the Blue Jays-Mets exhibition game at the Big O at the end of March this year. But ya know, Montreal never took baseball seriously. The project was almost cancelled after MLB surprised Montreal and welcomed them into the National League. There was no stadium so they added a few thousand seats to Jarry Park and MLB said OK on condition a new stadium would be built. Then the Olympics came and so the Expos played there on condition they build a new stadium and of course they never did.

    But to me, Olympic Stadium was just fine. It takes less than 30 minutes to get there from downtown and that’s by subway. There’s an actual subway stop just for Olympic Stadium.

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