Infographic: Career hitting records

Here’s another great infographic depicting record holders for the most career singles, doubles, triples, home runs, and grand slams — as of 2009.  The one out-of-date piece of information on here is in the grand slam category, as Alex Rodriguez passed Gehrig’s record in 2013 with his 24th career grand slam.

Mike Wirth Art
Mike Wirth Art

2 thoughts on “Infographic: Career hitting records

  1. Is there an infographic like this one, minus the steroid user? Those who cheated to get to the top don’t deserve the recognition, IMHO.

    1. Would be nice if there was an easy way to do that, wouldn’t it? But I also think that doing so would open up a huge can of worms, trying to determine who legitimately deserves what records, and if you cut someone out, what is your justification for doing so. I think it would spread well beyond just the PEDs.

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