This day in baseball: The Flying Dutchman lands

Bringing to an end his 39-year career in the major leagues — 21 as a player and 18 years as a coach — Honus Wagner retired on February 16, 1952.  Over the course of his career, Wagner won eight batting titles and led the National League in stolen bases in five seasons.

Honus Wagner in 1911 (Library of Congress)

Honus Wagner in 1911 (Library of Congress)

4 Comments on “This day in baseball: The Flying Dutchman lands”

  1. verdun2 says:

    Still the best ever at his position.

    • Shortstops fascinate me, in general. It was always my favorite position to play. Gotta respect the man who set the bar at that spot.

    • wkkortas says:

      Abolutely–there are few players from that era that I believe could play today, and very few who would be stars. Outside of Cobb, perhaps, I can’t think of anyone who would be better suited for today’s game than Wagner.

      • steve says:

        the only absolute i know of when it comes to baseball is that Morganna would shine in any generation and it has nothing to do with her being born on the 4th of july.

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