This day in baseball: Bresnahan’s debut

Eighteen-year-old Roger Bresnahan made his debut as a right-handed pitcher on August 27, 1897 with the Washington Senators.  In his debut, Bresnahan defeated the St. Louis Browns, 3-0, en route to a 4-0 season record with a 3.95 ERA.  This would be his only season with the Senators, however, and by 1900, Bresnahan was making his first appearances as a catcher with the Chicago Orphans (Cubs).  Nicknamed the “Duke of Tralee,” Bresnahan would be elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame as a catcher in 1945.

Library of Congress

Library of Congress

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  1. verdun2 says:

    Had forgotten that Bresnahan began his career as a pitcher. You can make a pretty fair team of early 20th Century pitchers who ended up playing in the field: Ruth, Sisler, Bresnahan, O’Doul (and probably several others I’ve forgotten)

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