This day in baseball: Hershiser’s pay cut

On February 7, 1987, Dodger pitcher Orel Hershiser signed for $800,000, a twenty-percent pay-cut from the year before.  It was the second time since the practice of arbitration has been implemented that a player was forced to take less.  After winning the Cy Young Award and leading the team to a World Series championship in 1988, however, the Hershiser became the highest-paid player in the big leagues.

LA Times

3 thoughts on “This day in baseball: Hershiser’s pay cut

  1. one of these years, i hope a player pulls a Stephon Marbury equivalent when it comes to their salary. Or there have been a few players who took a pay cut for their team, maybe Ripken?

      1. Thanks Precious, for the links. I met Mr. Feller at a baseball card show way back when. I musta been 13 or so and feeling rich with paper route money because I paid 15 bucks and had a photo of him signed. I think he was sort of broke. Probably from not having a pension.

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