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Now the game is all different.  All power and lively balls and short fences and home runs.  But not in the old days.  I led the National League in home runs in 1901, and do you know how many I hit?  Sixteen.  That was a helluva lot for those days.

~Sam Crawford

Sam Crawford 1909
Sam Crawford, 1909 (Library of Congress)

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  1. Maybe slightly off topic, but it’s hard to believe it took 35 years for him to make the HOF, and I believe Ty Cobb had to lobby for him even then. All-time leader in triples with an ungodly 309! Totally underrated by the HOF voters, and undervalued by the analytics people.

    1. Thank you! I’m gonna have to sign up for the 90 days free to check out the whole thing, but from what I can see, it already looks promising. And yes, bring on the baseball tunes!

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