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Now the game is all different.  All power and lively balls and short fences and home runs.  But not in the old days.  I led the National League in home runs in 1901, and do you know how many I hit?  Sixteen.  That was a helluva lot for those days.

~Sam Crawford

Sam Crawford 1909

Sam Crawford, 1909 (Library of Congress)

4 Comments on “Quote of the day”

  1. thome2040 says:

    Maybe slightly off topic, but it’s hard to believe it took 35 years for him to make the HOF, and I believe Ty Cobb had to lobby for him even then. All-time leader in triples with an ungodly 309! Totally underrated by the HOF voters, and undervalued by the analytics people.

  2. Unrelated to this post, but I wanted to let you know … because you, like me, appreciate baseball tunes … The Athletic has a wonderful new story out: From Bob Dylan to The Strokes: The 30 greatest baseball songs of all time. You can find it here:

    • Thank you! I’m gonna have to sign up for the 90 days free to check out the whole thing, but from what I can see, it already looks promising. And yes, bring on the baseball tunes!

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