This day in baseball: The NL makes its debut

In the first ever National League game played, on April 22, 1876, the Boston Red Caps defeated the Philadelphia Athletics 6-5.  Played at Athletic Park, this contest becomes the only event of the new league’s Opening Day, as all other scheduled games wind up rained out.

William Hulbert, the founder of the National League (Wikimedia Commons)

2 thoughts on “This day in baseball: The NL makes its debut

  1. as much as i detest the snobbery of national league fans and all their purist rhetoric, i’m glad baseball has two opposing forces, but i wish interlerague play would be eliminated

    1. I enjoy the opposing leagues too. I would hate to see a total elimination of interleague play, but I wish they’d limit it again, rather than going on throughout the season. Watching teams play with changes in the DH rule is always fun.

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