This day in baseball: Switch-hitting fail

After hitting three homers already on May 21, 1930, Babe Ruth decided to try his hand at switch-hitting.  In the ninth inning against the A’s Jack Quinn, Ruth stepped up to the right side of the plate to take his cuts.  It quickly became evident that he was no Mickey Mantle, however, as he quickly found himself down by two strikes.  Ruth then decided to return to the left side of the plate, but it was too late, and Quinn completed the strikeout.

Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons

One Comment on “This day in baseball: Switch-hitting fail”

  1. steve says:

    He could pitch. He coud hit and it’s great to now learn but he couldn’t switch hit, not at 35 years old anyway. Makes him more human, but I still can’t kick the habit of stretching out his name every time I say it and adding some lilt to his last name. I guess that happens when you never see someone play but hear all about him.

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